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Suede Trench Coat in Mocha Color


Spring Summer 2024 Collection



Suede Trench Coat in Moss Green Color


Spring-Summer'24 Collection

This season, our aim is to mirror the strength, grace, and ambition of women who pursue their dreams. We celebrate the resilience and power of women who embody persistence, elegance, and determination.

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Welcome to ASADLIE

Welcome to ASADLIE! We believe that every woman deserves the pure luxury of authentic materials in her wardrobe. The body, soul, skin and mind of every woman should be covered genuinely into pure materials. Our commitment to using only the highest quality leather, shearling, wool, cotton and other authentic fabrics is a testament to our belief that every woman deserves the touch of genuineness which reflects her value!

Brand Story

Several years ago, our founder embarked on a journey driven by an unwavering commitment to quality and designs. Nights were spent refining visions for collections, examining fabrics and materials, laying the foundation for what would become ASADLIE - a family-owned brand focused on delivering high quality, genuine women's outerwear and shoes collections. Through meticulous planning and relentless dedication, out team, lead by a committed couple, honed expertise across every facet of the business. ASADLIE stands as a testament to professionalism, passion, and a shared vision meticulously realized through years of hard work and dedication.

Our products

ASADLIE's primary focus centers around meticulously crafted outerwear and shoes. Our outerwear line boasts carefully designed, timeless pieces, meticulously fashioned from genuine materials and compositions. In the realm of footwear, we've joined forces with a leading Turkish brand to introduce our debut collection featuring an array of timeless boot options. Looking ahead, ASADLIE plans to broaden its product offerings by incorporating private label shoes across a spectrum of styles.

As our brand evolves, we envision expanding our clothing range to include ready-to-wear collections. Despite this growth, our unwavering commitment to utilizing natural and pure materials in our production processes will remain at the core of our philosophy. At ASADLIE, we are dedicated to delivering enduring style and quality, ensuring that each piece reflects our ethos of genuinity and timeless design.

Future Vision

The future vision of our brand is expanding our range of women's clothes and shoes, all crafted with genuine materials. Authenticity and quality is in our core, therefore, we are planning to grow and develop in this direction. Committed to continuous improvement, we strive to make each product exceptional, supporting our customers at every step. We will continue exploring new opportunities, broaden horizons, enrich our product range, learn what our customers like and expand our brand presence in the market.

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